Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Putting a Donated Sewing Machine to Good Use

Thanks to a sewing machine generously donated by Tanya in New Hampshire, CFFI has expanded our crafts again!  We’re continuing to work with the African textiles Dorise collected from a trip to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 

Textiles from Trinidad
Rita Julien, who also makes beautiful recycled plastic bags for CFFI, is working full-time on the sewing machine and is currently making a variety of beautiful shoulder bags.

Rita working on the sewing machine


Drilling Eastern Carib coins for buttons

In addition to these bags, we will continue making napkins as well as baby carrier wraps! Thanks Tanya for your generous support as we continue to train local women in crafts.

Making pockets for shoulder bags

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  1. hey you know that what you did with the money is not permitted in any country? all countries have laws and you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of the country. I don't like to see my country's coins be used for such activity, just as the USA, British pence, and the rest of the world. I think its disrespect