Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vacation for a Change

Winter is coming,
days are short.

Why shovel snow,
when you could be picking cocoa?

Work together with the farmers
harvesting their cocoa in the
 paradis de l'ile aux epices! 

You'll learn how to ferment and shuffle cocoa...

Take day trips with CFFI guides to St. George and the beach, or

walk in the rain forest to the water falls...

You can make cocoa balls with Missis Agatha...

or go fishing with the locals...

and enjoy the tastes and sights of island life...

Proposed trip dates 2013

January 20-27
February 17-24 (optional extra week of work & Carnival)
March 10-17

Space is limited to seven guests on each trip.

For more information contact:
Dorise Kowalewski

See to read about our mission.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gathering and fermenting

Time for harvesting

A good day's work,
empty cocoa pods

This is what cocoa looks like before fermentation

Gelatinous coating tastes sweet and sour

Sorting the beans

Still wet, but fermented

Starting to look like cocoa... 

Sun drying trays are on rails and are pushed like a drawer
into the boucan for the night

The drying trays are as big as your kitchen,
it takes two people to push them

A mountain of dried cocoa beans
ready to...