Thursday, October 17, 2013

It All Begins with the Soil

Jason "Busy" was very busy building the bamboo bin
Dorise designed this bin using  local recyclable materials
Bamboo Composting Bin

Soil is the foundation of every farming operation. And good soil begins with composting. Using good quality compost in agriculture has the potential benefits of improving nutrient cycling, soil improvement, enhanced crop health and reduced chemical usage.  

Benefits of Composting
  *Reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers
*Creates local jobs
*Provide cost savings of at least 50 percent over conventional soil.
 *Recycling: putting nutrients & organic matter back into use
*Reduces disposal; saves landfill space
*Suppress plant diseases and pests
*Promote higher yields of agricultural crops
*Facilitate reforestation of rainforest
*Remove solids, oil, grease, and heavy metals from stormwater runoff.
*Improved crop nutritional value   (micronutrients)
*Reduced use of pesticides / fungicides           (due to improved biological richness in soil)
*Improved water holding capacity of soil, reducing
       irrigation needs (30% compost in soil = an additional 1.9 gallons/cubic foot

CFFI is bound and determined to under cut the price of chemical fertilizer here in Grenada.  We have built our first composting bin out of bamboo and have contacted the local businesses to let them know that we will pick up their fruit & vegetable scraps. We have also developed connections with small,  local chicken breeders and will be buying the manure. 
Please  contact CFFI is you have any suggestions or ideas on this project. We are looking for ways to get worms here in Grenada, if anyone has an idea we would love to hear from you.
All comments are greatly appreciated!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

CFFI Is On The Move

"Fear Not" CFFI's New  Van ready for cocoa pickups

Dorise & Paula two of the board members of CFFI have moved to Grenada, bought the van featured above, and are ready to work!
This van will allow us to start picking up farmers who do not have transportation on collecting days. We are getting the message out through Tony Telesford and his morning agricultural radio show "Real Expressions" on Thursday Morning from 7-9AM. Hope you'll be able to tune in!