Monday, June 22, 2015

We are thrilled to have Alexander back at CFFI and welcome Emily to the team!

We're very happy to have Alexander Thompson back on the farm! This summer, his work with CFFI will also count toward his nearly completed masters degree in public health. He will work on expanding the compost micro-business he helped create for CFFI. Additionally, he will be gathering data regarding water and soil quality around Victoria. Overall, his goals are: 1) to evaluate whether or not the use of synthetic fertilizer on the island is threatening marine life via increased runoff of nitrates and phosphates into waterways; and 2) to promote the use of natural compost in place of synthetic fertilizers. We are excited to see what he comes up with and enjoy supporting his educational endeavors!

Our new intern, Emily Soffa, joins us after working and teaching in a wide variety of sustainability projects in China, Japan, New Zealand and Spain over the past two years.  Emily brings her diverse background and enthusiastic community organizing skills to design and implement programs partnering our CFFI with local schools, 4H chapters, and local cocoa farmers. She is coordinating environmental cleanup events, CFFI’s first sustainable agriculture summer camp, and a fruit tree-planting project for the local elementary school. She aims to engage the local community, especially the youth, to be environmental stewards through experiential learning programs and events. We are pleased to have her on the team!
After the Victoria River cleanup event with Emily, the 4-H club, and students from the Bonair school 

Mixing concrete to form the base of CFFI's roundhouse!