Friday, March 28, 2014

Summer Composting Internship Opportunity

The Cocoa Farming Future Initiative, located in Victoria, Grenada, is looking for a student intern who is passionate and knowledgable about composting and producing organic fertilizer.  We are looking for a two to three month commitment for summer 2014.  The start and end dates are flexible.

In 2004 and 2005, hurricanes devastated the rain forests where Grenada's cocoa, fruit, and spices grow. CFFI was established to aid farmers as they clear and re-establish their lands in a way that promotes economic development while conserving the island's unique, diverse ecosystem.

CFFI achieves its mission through a variety of projects-clearing farmland, helping cocoa growers get their beans to market, and providing ongoing training in grafting techniques, to name a few.

This year we are turning our attention to composting. On the site of our model teaching farm, we are establishing a micro-business producing organic fertilizer from compost. Our aim is to sell the fertilizer to local farmers at a low cost. With this project we are advancing many of our goals at once-creating jobs in the community, generating revenue for CFFI, and providing assistance to cocoa farmers.

  • Apply your skills and knowledge while gaining practical experience in a developing nation
  • Lead a team in establishing a farm-scale composting program
  • Work alongside otherUS interns and local employees
  • Report directly to the president of CFFI
  • Spend a summer on the magnificent Caribbean island of Grenada

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maintain existing compost sites
  • Collect waste from local establishments
  • Manage compost and soil analysis
  • Develop training materials
  • Educate local apprentices

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Prior experience in composting
  • Ability to work well individually and on a team
  • Leadership and decision-making experience
  • Comfort working in diverse settings
  • Valid drivers license (experience driving standard cars preferred)

CFFI provides room and board, and stipend.  The size of the stipend depends on the candidate's prior experience and knowledge.  Interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from Grenada.

Please send resume and cover letter to Paula Burdick at

Friday, March 21, 2014

Diamond Chocolate Factory Opening Ceremony!

Congratulations! Yesterday was the official Opening Ceremony for the Diamond Chocolate Factory!

Numerous community members and representatives from factory partners (Grenada Cocoa Association, the government of Grenada and USAID) attended the beautiful ceremony. In addition to performances by talented youth from St. Marks Secondary School, there were inspiring remarks from Roland Bhola, Minister of Agriculture, Clarice Modeste, Parliamentary Representative, Larry Burdick of L.A. Burdicks Chocolate, Lary Palmer, USAID Ambassador, and Grenadian Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.

Island Catering provided lunches for everyone and Grenadian chocolate was in abundance.  Guests took home samples of the Diamond Chocolate Company's trademark Jouvay chocolate bars and sampled Grenadian rum truffles.

Making truffles with Grenadian Jouvay chocolate and Grenadian rum!

Speakers and special guests praised the work and dedication involved in opening the factory and look forward to increased culinary, tourism and economic opportunities that promote authentic Grenadian culture and agriculture. What a successful, beautiful and delicious day!