Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cocoa propagation: Grafting versus Cuttings

A goal of the Cocoa Farming Future Initiative (CFFI) is to help organize and make more efficient the cocoa production in existing nurseries.

The nurseries propagate various fruit trees mostly for farmers. The Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) provides assistance to three governmental nurseries for the production of cocoa plants, namely in: Boulogne (parish of Saint Andrew), Ashendem (parish of Saint Davis), and Maren (parish of Saint John).

Most cocoa plants are produced by means of cuttings, providing clones of the various species existing on the island.

Cuttings being planted (Ashendem)

Cocoa cuttings


The Cocoa Research Centre located at the University of the West Indies (Trinidad) explains the positive effect of grafting compared to cuttings. 

Grafted or budded plants have a tap root system that can go up to 2 meters in depth. This anchors the tree in the ground, providing needed resistance towards hurricanes. Furthermore, it enables the tree to absorb nutrient and water from deeper in the soil, giving trees stronger health and resilience to erratic weather conditions. Cuttings have fibrous root system that do not go as deep into the soil and provide trees suitable for flat land.
Grafted cocoa sapling
This is why, the GCA started small-scale trials to find best ways of grafting cocoa plants Ashendem.  

CFFI wants to give its support in the trials and hope to be able to set some trials in the nursery of Maren with the support of the GCA 
as soon as possible.                                                  



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Demonstration Farm

The Cocoa Farming Future Initiative (CFFI) wants to provide assistance to the cocoa farmer community of Grenada. One way of reaching this goal is by setting up a demonstration farm.

The farm was made available to us thanks to the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA). The almost 4 acres are ideally located, next to the future chocolate factory in Victoria, St-marks, Grenada (for exact location type 12.188044, -61.701185 in googlemap). The farm will enable to run workshops with farmers and will be a vitrine for visitors, promoting agriculture.

In the future, the farm will display the existing cocoa species of Grenada (in the link go to location (left margin) and scroll to Grenada, you will learn about the various characteristics of the species) and especially those of higher economical value for farmers, the various species of windbreakers at the farm's hedge, the various kind of shade trees, and hopefully animals to show the advantage of mix-farming.

On the farm, due to low maintenance practice, there is an excess in tree grow. This leads to high level of humidity providing the conditions for pests and diseases to attack the cocoa trees. Thus, the preliminary work consists in cleaning the land.



Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Fundraiser

Cocoa Farming Future Initiative

Winter Fundraiser!
We Are The Nonprofit 
Cocoa Farming Future Initiative
Working To Support The Cocoa Farmers Of Grenada
Where The Sun And The Earth Combine To Produce 

The World’s Most Flavorful Cocoa,
The Basis For The Chocolate We Love. 

Farmers world-wide work to obtain a balance of conditions which will produce a plentiful harvest. In Grenada in recent years this has been more difficult due to hurricane damage and a lack of infrastructure. CFFI is working to support farmers by clearing storm debris, increasing crop yields and facilitating harvest transportation. We also work with farm community youth and women to develop marketable goods to supplement family incomes and improve standards of living.

It's A New Year And A Lot Has Happened.

If You Haven't Seen Our New Blog
Or Gone To The Website Lately...

We Have Some Exciting New Ideas 
That We Would Like Your Help With. 

We are reaching out to you today to help us with our farming ventures, education and job-skills training.

By donating you will have a direct impact on the lives of men, women and children farming in their communities. For example, donating $25 buys work boots, cocoa saplings, water jugs, simple tools like notebooks, pens, erasers, or calculators all of which are important to helping our community become more independent. Donating $50-$100 provides farming tools, wheelbarrows, or sewing kits. Donating $100-$300 buys a bicycle, a sewing machine, or a carpentry kit to help a family become more financially secure. With a generous donation of $500 or more you could provide enough funds to hire a laborer and help him feed his family. These are just a few of our new ideas of how you can help improve the quality of life in a cocoa farming community of Grenada….  

We would really appreciate your help...

To donate click on this link to our website:

All donations made through our fundraising campaign are considered gifts to 
CFFI's global mission. 

Helping farmers there helps the whole planet.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It is not too late to join us.
There is still lots of work to do
and we could use a hand...

But, underneath the waterfall it is all play.

Vacation for Change
You can see the sites, experience the history, and enjoy the wonderful climate 
while helping the cocoa farmers.

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