Friday, November 1, 2013

The First Three Weeks-What a Success

Rawldon and Kimon building a living fence
So much has happened here in Grenada these past three weeks! We have hired our first two employees-Kimon Julien and Rawldon Mark. They have both been working efficiently and with enthusiasm.
They have cleared the cocoa farm land and are now building a "living fence" around the property. We are using razor grass for the fence. It will help keep out the goats and the cows. They also maintain our compost bins, turning them, adding scraps from the nursing home and chicken manure from our local chicken farmer. We now wait patiently for the professionals to come help us prune trees, cut others down and plant new ones.

Besides the purchase of "Fear Not" our beautiful
 new van we also bought boots, gloves and cocoa plants!
 We are definitely in business.
CFFI has a campaign on our website
where people can buy cocoa trees for $10..00. The $10 buys the tree,
 transportation to the farm and organic compost to plant with.
Check it out at www.cffigrenada
Paula with all her new purchases

Rasta John, Lynn & Jim Mort and Dorise 
Last night we had a good bye dinner for Dorise. Everyone in Grenada will miss her energy, good will and hard work. But no one as much as me. She has made my first three weeks so productive and helped me create a home here in Victoria.  I have many local friends thanks to Dorise. I think we all look forward to her return. But she has a husband who misses her back in NH so I am happy that she is going home. Also, she has many craft shows to do. These crafts shows help us bring in money for the farmers and in addition the craft people are getting excellent money for their products. So it is that full circle we are always talking about-people helping people.
The first show Dorise will be doing is:
Christmas Market with a Difference
Now in it's 26th year, 17 organizations will be represented at this year’s Market.
If you are in the Dartmouth College area of Hanover NH, it is well worth the stop! The dates are: Thursday, November 7   10-6
Friday, November 8      10-6
Saturday, November 9   10-1